Curation Committee of SIGGRAPH Asia Art Gallery

【Open Call for Artworks / SIGGRAPH ASIA Art Gallery (Submission Deadline: 15 July 2021 / Theme: The Future of Ritual and Resonance】
CG分野の世界的な国際学会「SIGGRAPH ASIA」のアート部門「Art Gallery」公募オープンしました。
また外部アドバイザリーとして、Maša Jazbec(Slovenia)、Dietmar Offenhuber(United States of America)、Riar Rizaldi(Indonesia)、Lubi Thomas(Australia)にご参加いただき、様々な国籍・専門分野の信頼するスペシャリストの方々とご一緒できるのが本当に楽しみです。
SIGGRAPH ASIA 2021のOpen Callは無事にオープンし、7/15まで作品を募集しています。
SIGGRAPH ASIA 2021は12月14-17日、日本の東京国際フォーラムで開催です。今年の全体ディレクターは株式会社ポリゴン・ピクチュアズ塩田周三さん。
14 – 17 December 2021 | TIF, Tokyo, Japan
Art Gallery Theme (for submission)
Theme: The Future of Ritual and Resonance
How are we facing the pandemic of Covid19 and the various social changes that cascade from it? This virus is spreading through human connections and affecting traditions, cultures, and systems shaped by humanity.
What will the rituals, behaviors, and modes of the future look like in light of these experiences?
What immersive experiences are useful for new social contexts? How will we bring on-screen animation closer to physical, real-life animation? Can humanity create a new animism to communicate with artificial intelligence and robots? What are the key factors to consider when humanizing technology in the process of digital transformation? How will we share with people in remote locations and what new technologies can create vivid travel experiences? How do we envision new hybrid modes that go beyond online and on-site? What are the new formats for live experiences? Are there solutions in hacking and transforming cities and everyday life? What are the next ideas for sharing experiences, knowledge, life and death? How do we harness the power of collective will and individual hope in the face of global changes in media and governance? In the face of the climate crisis, how can we shift technology for the benefit of humans to benefit the planet, and how can we work together to live in harmony with nature?
And what kind of resonance will these new experiences bring to people and society?
SIGGRAPH Asia 2021 Art Gallery is looking for artwork, projects, performances, platforms, and communities to address these themes.


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